At “The Lab” Tips & Tricks

First of – when to arrive

In Brussels the Lab starts at 08:15 AM, and the Reception doors open at 08:00 AM.
So be at the reception front door around 07:45-07:55 AM

The 5 other guys at the front door waiting, will be as nervous as you, so there’s very little chit chat.

What can you bring to the lab:

  • Identification
  • Drinks (you will find free of charge; water, The and Coffee at the lab)
  • Snacks
  • Pen (there are also old pens at the lab)

What can you NOT  bring to the lab:

  • Electronic devices (Laptops, Mobile devices ect)
  • Watches (Old school or smart, it doesn’t matter)
  • Notes


Create a scoreboard for each section (TSHOOT, DIAG and CONFIG) with your pen and Pasport to:

  • Track number of task
  • Point overview (sum up all points and calculate your cut-score 80%)
  • Task dependencies (you will must likely only get points if all dependend tasks are done correctly)
  • Track task progration (so you can jump back and forth without loosing track)
  • Verification tracking (both after configuration and the last hour of your lab)
CCIE Scoreboard


Have you ever seen this image on the Official Cisco CCIE page?


It states, that you can move a maximum of 30 minutes between the Troubleshoot and Configuration section.

In reality you can move an indefinite amout of time from the Troubleshoot section to the Configuration Section – but the Troubleshoot section can never be longer then 2½ hours.

Tip: Can you complete the Troublehoot section within 1 hour, then you have 6 hours to complete your Configuration section.

(Diagnostic is a fixed 60min section – nothing to do here but wait until the timer runs out)