CCIE Security: The road to success, how NOT to study

When I started my Lab exam preparation last summer – I wrote a blog post about my time schedule.
I have been keeping pretty tight to that schedule, but it is not a way that I would ever recommend to a person that asks me “how should I prepare for my CCIE” (I only stuck to that plan because I had a “baby deadline” 9 month in front of me)

In short:

  • 800 hours Technology training over 6 month
  • 7 days intensive Bootcamp Training
  • 2-4 month Full Scale Mock Lab Training 2-3x 8 hours sessions each week (2-400 hours)

The plan was only possible due to a contract that I had with my wife, family and friends. “You will not see me, as in not see me at all for the next 8-10 month”

The overall time spend seen over the entire lenght of my training was a perfect fit for me and my knowledge level – but if you ask me how to sprinkle your study hours across a calender year, then evenly distribute the 800 hours Technology Training over an entire year, so you have time for your family and friends, and you do not have to say no to birthday parties… And when you get to your intensive Mock Lab Training, then you say: “I will be unavailible for 1-2 month” and you go full speed ahead.


CCIE Security: The Journey ends here

Thanks to all of you following me, your support is extremely valuable.

Now my focus will shift to my family and our new kid in the making..

Who knows.. maybe I will join the league of experts some other time

Once again, thanks

UPDATE 10.03.2018: I realized that I never shared my final result..
Once more I got a Pass + Pass + Fail = Fail
In the Config section I got a pass rate of 61% (close but no cigar)

CCIE Security: waiting time

Now the waiting game is on..

TSHOOT I was 30min ahead (spend 1.5 hours)

DIAG is always a bit 50/50.. I feel confident, but it can go both ways. (Spend 1 hour)

CONFIG: due to my fast TSHOOT I had 5.5 hours to CONFIG.. everything went after the book and time schedule.. BUT.. 2.5 hours before end time, things started to get buggy, periodically not working, and I started to get nervous and make small mistakes..

At the sound of the proctor’s “Time is up” I pasted the last bit of configuration in the router for the last task (without verification afterwards)..

Soo.. did I pass? Only time will tell..

CCIE Security: T minus 12 days until lift off

12 days until I land in Brussels Airport and 13 days until my next and final lab attempt.. I am so ready.. I would like to do the attempt tommorow, but I will have to wait just a little while longer..

It might be a good thing, because I am starting to get ill, so hopefully it will drift along and within the next 7-10 days I am 100% fit for fight..

CCIE Security Lab attempt, bring it on…

CCIE Security: short update

Today marks the halfway point between last lab attempt and the next (final) lab attempt..

I am keep saying “final”, to push myself 🙂

The last month with only Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve as “no lab days” have been used to build my own Mock Lab out of the bits and bytes I remembered from my Lab attempt.. and I thinks it’s quite a nice mock lab I have build..

Not sure if I can share a picture of my build without breaking NDA, so I better not..

I might modify the build after I am done, and then share it..

Besides building the mock lab, each workday evening I am practicing parts of the topology and in the weekends I go through the entire thing, timing and counting points.

I promise to do the Tips and Tricks blog post after my last Lab attempt.

Once again, thanks for all your lovly comments.

CCIE Security: Pass + Pass + Fail = Fail

8 hours was all it took for the “Pass/Fail” email to arrive from

Troubleshooting - Met the minimum requirements

Diagnostics - Met the minimum requirements

Configuration - FAIL

Overall lab requirement: FAIL

At the exam I counted points, and at the TSHOOT section I was pretty convinced I passed with 70-80%.
The DIAG section was a bit more challenging for me, I know for sure I had 40% right, but the last 60% was more 50/50 – but hey I passed DIAG.. YAY!

CONFIG Section.. wow – just wow..
What can I say – it was overvelming.
The tasks was not unfair at all, there where just so many, really, really many of them.

Now the most important thing; I learned how to battle the exam next time, and yes, there will be a next time.. actually it will be at February 13th 2018. (I have allready booked the lab) – and also where my weak points are.. (right now speed is killing me on all topics, but there are also technologies I need to learn more about)

I will create a seperate section on the Blog with tips and tricks for the lab exam.