CCIE Security: The road to success, how NOT to study

When I started my Lab exam preparation last summer – I wrote a blog post about my time schedule.
I have been keeping pretty tight to that schedule, but it is not a way that I would ever recommend to a person that asks me “how should I prepare for my CCIE” (I only stuck to that plan because I had a “baby deadline” 9 month in front of me)

In short:

  • 800 hours Technology training over 6 month
  • 7 days intensive Bootcamp Training
  • 2-4 month Full Scale Mock Lab Training 2-3x 8 hours sessions each week (2-400 hours)

The plan was only possible due to a contract that I had with my wife, family and friends. “You will not see me, as in not see me at all for the next 8-10 month”

The overall time spend seen over the entire lenght of my training was a perfect fit for me and my knowledge level – but if you ask me how to sprinkle your study hours across a calender year, then evenly distribute the 800 hours Technology Training over an entire year, so you have time for your family and friends, and you do not have to say no to birthday parties… And when you get to your intensive Mock Lab Training, then you say: “I will be unavailible for 1-2 month” and you go full speed ahead.


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