18 thoughts on “CCIE Security: unknown

      1. Very Very great news!! I m following you since the first post and I always think that you are a winner henrik. People like you not accept the fail and with passion and passion finally get the goal. Very happy for you. Could you please post an extended bluprint of the written and lab exam? For the written which books and docs did you use? Thank you Henrik all the Best!!

      2. Thanks Giovanni..
        I passed the version 4 written, so unfortunately my book shelf does not help much towards version 5 written.. sorry..
        Regarding the Lab, I think I have pretty much everything I used to pass written somewhere on my blog..
        All the best to you..

        Next week I will update my blog even more

  1. That is absolutely incredible great news Henrik. Congratulations on both your CCIE and your new baby girl!

  2. That’s fantastic Henrik! Major accomplishment – and you’ve got all the time in the world now for wife and kids… and no regrets! AWESOME!!! CONGRATS!!!

  3. Congrats, glad you went for it again. Did you use any other vendor workbooks, or continued to use INE v4 materials. I cant still see any new materials with INE, they seem to have a new instructor for the COD, not cristian(think he has left INE) but Piotr Kaluzny. All the videos in v5 cover old material which was in v4. Ive emailed INE about updates but they arent sure.

  4. Congrats Henrick! I’ve not checked in a while and was hoping you would take another go at it. What is your number? Welcome to the club! I remember when I passed, getting this immense load of relief just like you displayed. Congrats again.

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