CCIE Security: Move time between sections

Have you ever seen this image on the Official Cisco CCIE page?


It states, that you can move a maximum of 30 minutes between the Troubleshoot and Configuration section.

In reality you can move an indefinite amount of time from the Troubleshoot section to the Configuration Section – but the Troubleshoot section can never be longer then 2½ hours.

Tip: Can you complete the Troubleshoot section within 1 hour, then you have 6 hours to complete your Configuration section.

(Diagnostic is a fixed 60min section – nothing to do here but wait until the timer runs out)

3 thoughts on “CCIE Security: Move time between sections

  1. Good to know that, Henrik.

    Thank you for sharing the tips.

    How many questions there are in the troublesooting part?

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve not taken this lab in the new format so I’m sure there are some learning curves to it. I would venture to guess many tasks are under configuration given it is over half the time allotted. Gaining time from one section to the other is invaluable.

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