CCIE Security: waiting time

Now the waiting game is on..

TSHOOT I was 30min ahead (spend 1.5 hours)

DIAG is always a bit 50/50.. I feel confident, but it can go both ways. (Spend 1 hour)

CONFIG: due to my fast TSHOOT I had 5.5 hours to CONFIG.. everything went after the book and time schedule.. BUT.. 2.5 hours before end time, things started to get buggy, periodically not working, and I started to get nervous and make small mistakes..

At the sound of the proctor’s “Time is up” I pasted the last bit of configuration in the router for the last task (without verification afterwards)..

Soo.. did I pass? Only time will tell..

6 thoughts on “CCIE Security: waiting time

      1. Sadly,not that day. I did pass the third attempt. (DC) In the process of working to start do Sec track now. Hoping to take my written at Cisco Live this year and go from there. It’s a difficult process but extremely rewarding when you get the pass email(s). (one with your results and one with your number)

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