CCIE Security: short update

Today marks the halfway point between last lab attempt and the next (final) lab attempt..

I am keep saying “final”, to push myself 🙂

The last month with only Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve as “no lab days” have been used to build my own Mock Lab out of the bits and bytes I remembered from my Lab attempt.. and I thinks it’s quite a nice mock lab I have build..

Not sure if I can share a picture of my build without breaking NDA, so I better not..

I might modify the build after I am done, and then share it..

Besides building the mock lab, each workday evening I am practicing parts of the topology and in the weekends I go through the entire thing, timing and counting points.

I promise to do the Tips and Tricks blog post after my last Lab attempt.

Once again, thanks for all your lovly comments.

8 thoughts on “CCIE Security: short update

      1. How are you training on the ESA, NGIPS, FTD components since the INE v4 doesn’t really have them in their ATC or the Workbooks?

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