CCIE Security: Pass + Pass + Fail = Fail

8 hours was all it took for the “Pass/Fail” email to arrive from

Troubleshooting - Met the minimum requirements

Diagnostics - Met the minimum requirements

Configuration - FAIL

Overall lab requirement: FAIL

At the exam I counted points, and at the TSHOOT section I was pretty convinced I passed with 70-80%.
The DIAG section was a bit more challenging for me, I know for sure I had 40% right, but the last 60% was more 50/50 – but hey I passed DIAG.. YAY!

CONFIG Section.. wow – just wow..
What can I say – it was overvelming.
The tasks was not unfair at all, there where just so many, really, really many of them.

Now the most important thing; I learned how to battle the exam next time, and yes, there will be a next time.. actually it will be at February 13th 2018. (I have allready booked the lab) – and also where my weak points are.. (right now speed is killing me on all topics, but there are also technologies I need to learn more about)

I will create a seperate section on the Blog with tips and tricks for the lab exam.

18 thoughts on “CCIE Security: Pass + Pass + Fail = Fail

  1. Hey, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad and now you know what to focus on. Nice job and keep pressing on! Looking forward to your tips and tricks.

  2. Id be quite pleased with those results for a 1st attempt, so good work. Looking forward to reading updates.

  3. Hey Henri,
    Consider that the security track is most difficult than others from my point of view because the are many Technologies and Software and hardware in the field (Firepower ISE ACS ASA ecc) so your first attempt is a great result!!
    Please could you post a complete list of Books used for preparation?
    Come on Henri the next attempt will be PASS PASS PASS!!!!

  4. Do you feel the INE v4 lab workbooks are helpful? Are you having to modify the labs a bit to account for the v5 material? and do you feel the lack of v5 specific material in the workbooks was very hurtful when it came to your actual lab attempt?

    Sounds like a good solid first attempt. I am currently studying for the exam as well, but haven’t started with labs yet – been debating on purchasing v4 workbook or trying to hold off until v5 material was released; doesn’t sound like that is happening any time soon though.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Some of the INE v4 workbook is legacy and can be skipped, but a lot of the topics are still relevant (VPNs, Zone Based Firewall, NAT and so on)
      You are missing the newer stuff like Firepower in the v4 workbook, but that have not been a problem in my case.

      1. Thanks for the info,
        Did you go through the mock lab workbook as well, or just the technology workbook? Just curious if the v4 mock lab workbook is relevant enough to prepare for the v5 lab, or if it’s not even worth the time.


  5. Hi Henrik,
    I’ve been following your blog for the last months, as I’ve decided to go for the exam next year as well.
    I just wanted to wish you good look with your next attempt and keep up the good work.
    From what I hear, most of the certifications have not been earned in their first attempt and as long as you keep at it, you are on the right way.

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